One doesn’t have to be an equestrian to feel compassion for the 66, or so, horses and ponies that died or suffered trauma, in the California wildfires this past week, but for those who do happen to be horse owners, the pain is heart breaking.

It is staggering to understand how so many horses perished, and what could’ve been done to prevent such chaos, and disaster. However, according to reports, the Santa Ana winds fueled the flames of an existing wildfire, and it rapidly took on a life of it’s own, which raged through, uncontrollably. (more…)


As New Yorkers stepped out, on a cold winter morning, at approximate 7.20 am, to start their day in busy Manhattan, a Bangladeshi born, 27 year old man, living in Brooklyn, who had been granted the privilege of a “chain migration” visa, allowing him to reside permanently in the United Sates of America, attempted to create a terror attack on a nation that had opened its doors to him with welcome arms.

Fortunately, the terror attack failed. Authorities state, the Radical Jihad who was travelling through NYC, Port Authority Bus Terminal, subway station, 42nd Street, had a home-made pipe bomb, secured to his waist with Velcro, and zip ties. It detonated prematurely, whilst on his way to Times Square, with a plan, to kill as many people as possible, in the populated vicinity, during the festivities of Christmas. (more…)

Since the start of the year, Microsoft has been campaigning on a rather interesting notion to make the cyberspace safe. It has proposed that the global cyberspace be affixed with a Geneva-like convention to fight cyberattacks and other growing challenges.

Keeping the increasing rate of cybercrime and theft as the focal point of the campaign, Satya Nadella recently remarked on how formulating a code of conduct in the cyber space is as imperative as any other sphere due to its growing significance as well as complexity. The core idea behind the campaign is to render a model similar to the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 that would safeguard the users against the rising malpractices in the cyber space and draw up a set of guidelines for conduct. (more…)