Where there’s technology, there’s trouble, menace, break-ins you name it. Our world is at a point where cybercrime and security breaks have become a matter of prime concern for many nations. If technology is your life, it’s a major reason of worry. In simple terms, nothing out on the web is safe.

“We really need more security professionals— the very foundation of our society is being threatened,” says Nasir Memon, a professor at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. (as stated by Wired Magazine)

Working with the New York City Cyber Command, NYU has successfully been able to help the worlds greatest cities and our home, New York, defend it’s infrastructure of valuable data and information.

“NYC3”, launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017, to work with agencies across New York, with a goal to minimize and eliminate the loss and destruction caused by cybercrime. We might witness thousands of cybersecurity jobs in the coming years.

Understanding the needs of their potential students and cost of education in the field of Cybersecurity, NYU has offered to provide 75% scholarship towards tuition cost for students enrolling in the Cybersecurity Degree Program. This incentive is a part of the NYU’s very own “NY Cyber Fellowship”.

With the growing rate of Cybercrimes and more smart devices, we will always be in need of smart minds to make data and information more secure.

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Apple has recently disabled a group FaceTime feature, that was allowing users to eavesdrop. Reports that Arizona high school student, Grant Thompson, age 14 and his mother Michele, tried to report the major flaw to Apple, surfaced on social media platforms when they couldn’t reach the attention of the giant tech company directly.

“My teen found a major security flaw on Apple’s new iOS. He can listen to your iPhone/iPad without your approval. I have video”.

The issue was reportedly discovered on January 20th, when Grant was organizing a group FaceTime with friends.

Apple’s security team finally apprehended the situation after a week or so, despite failed multiple attempts by the Grants to inform the company.

All users of Apple devices have been advised to shut off their FaceTime app until the problem has been adequately restored.

Predictions that by 2025, the auto industry will be led by technology to create vehicles that are “green, convenient, affordable and safe”, is part of the technology driving innovation mantra that Goldman Sachs promotes.

According to Goldman Sachs reports approximately 500,000 people are killed, and 7 million injured, worldwide in traffic incidents.

With a forecast sourced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development by the Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications stating that 10% of the world’s population will be older than 65 by the year 2025. it is feared that “ an aging population is increasing the need for safe transportation”.

The report from Goldman Sachs demonstrates seven key trends that will dominate the coming decade: new competition, the internet of cars, the shift to emerging markets, evolving the supply chain, lightening up, filling up and plugging in; however, self driving cars is what they consider safer to communities globally.

“Once found only in science fiction, self driving cars are about to become a reality. They can help reduce road accidents, clear up traffic and provide mobility to more people”,

There are concerns that “turning control over to software could lead to new hacking vulnerabilities and other hazards”. The challenge of the car companies is to mitigate such risks.

Electric vehicles are an innovation for tech industries to challenge their experts at finding the best solutions for auto mobile safety. Goldman Sachs comment that even “Insurers will have a new way to monitor driver behavior, reward good drivers and distribute costs to bad ones”

Goldman Sachs feel confident that the future of the automobile industry will be safer and smarter for the car, the industry, as well as the driver.

As the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) employees continue to work without pay during the United States of America’s government shutdown in recent weeks, concerns arise regarding the safety of travelers.

Reports of passengers waiting for lengthy periods of time, for flights, due to heavy airport delays and the shortage of TSA staff, are a result of President Donald J. Trump and the US Congressional Democrats to fund a wall that borders neighboring country Mexico. Despite the troubled political discord, civilian volunteers have rallied together to create food drives and assistance for the TSA workers. Many TSA workers have had to take on a second job, to make ends meet, until their TSA pay check method resumes, and the U.S. government re-establishes itself in finding mutual solutions.

Approximately 43,000 TSA officers have been affected nationwide by the shutdown, which is in its fourth week. TSA employees are mandated to attend to their job responsibilities and ordered to “show up” to work despite the shutdown; they are considered to be essential government employees. Unfortunately, it has been reported may have “called in sick”, due to the void of income, causing staff shortages.

Impacts of this shutdown relate highly to travel safety. Due to the shortage of TSA federal employees, (in addition to airport screening), fear is escalating regarding security operational impacts such as air traffic control. A suit has been filed by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, stating it is illegal that employees work without being compensated. Controller staffing, however, continues to be professional and according to reports, radar rooms and towers are operational as usual, There are no signs of absenteeism and the system remains safe in all airports.

Government shutdown may affect Super Bowl 2019 travel, which could disturb thousands of fans; however, it is said approximately 120 extra officers are being placed in Atlanta, for the upcoming event.