A rapidly changing and increasingly complex security landscape has implored organisations across the world to harden their network infrastructure and maximize the value of the security solution. In today’s overarching mechanism of fighting security threats, both virtual and physical, new and innovative surveillance technologies hold substantial weight and therefore must be regarded as fundamental. Upfront planning, coupled with sound policies and procedures, can assist organisations significantly in overcoming various security threats. While no organisation can fully mitigate these threats, staying abreast of global technologies and developments can lead to a ‘state of readiness’ crucial in the fight against them.
Delcom Infotech aims to serve this notion by highlighting the increasingly modifying fields of communications, surveillance and networking service industries, with a fierce focus on global technology and methods. Our primary objective is to elucidate the masses on the latest intricacies in global technologies, related to IP Surveillance, Unified Communication, Audio/Video Integration, PA Systems, and IT Network Integration.

IP Surveillance
With an extensive experience in developing electronic security solutions, Delcom Infotech serves its readers with information on best-in-class IP Surveillance solutions from across the world as well as the latest designs employed in the security sector. Our major industry verticals include:
• Major Industry Verticals
• Power
• Manufacturing
• Education
• Hotels

Unified Communication
Delcom Infotech aims to focus on integrated communication channels such as telephony, instant messaging, e-mail, and video across multiple networks. This includes:
• SME Communications
• Data Networking
• Video Conferencing System & Equipment

Audio/Video Integration:
Delcom Infotech aims to deliver high quality, in-depth content on innovative end-to-end integration solutions to its readers. Delcom Infotech understand the requirements of varying enterprises and wishes to communicate on AV integration needs of various sector, including:
• Corporate Operations
• Government & Military
• Educational Pro
• Educational Pro

IT Network Integration
As part of our objective to inform enterprises about the latest practices, we aim to deliver comprehensive analysis of an enterprise’s process and information. This includes aspects such as:
• System Integration
• Power Back up
• Technical Support
• Network Management
• Infrastructure Services

Organisations across the world are now faced with a dual burden of physical and virtual threat. Unlike earlier, when only physical threats kept organisations and individual on their toes, the growing incidence of cybersecurity threats is now compelling enterprises to employ more complex and well-designed security systems.
Hospital devices are now packed with modern day features to acquire a more user-friendly suit. They now exhibit increased safety and monitor patients more effectively. But these modern day features come with a downside – virtual threats.
One of the major aspects that hospitals are concerned with is patient safety. With patient safety fundamental to a hospital’s functioning, it is imperative that hospitals invest in the latest security designs. This will not only help in safeguarding the patients against physical threats but also keep important patient information secured and away from potential virtual threats.

It is arguable that cybercrime is the single biggest threat to the national security of nations and their critical infrastructure. While governments are more secure than most when it comes to physical threats, cyberattacks are forging war which the government are still not prepared to wage. Against this backdrop, it is vital to invest in security solutions that can safeguard a government’s interest against the increasing rate of cybercrimes.
In today’s world, information is power, and access to governments’ classified information can be seriously threatening. Therefore, uncompromising security solution and upfront planning takes precedence for any governmental organisation. The threats are varied and dynamic, but analysing how cyberattacks can be mitigated and protected against must begin with exploring areas the weakest links and strengthening them for maximum safety..