Kunwar Singh
Chief Editor | Delcominfotech.com

Kunwar possesses significant experience as a communication specialist in various social sectors. In his professional capacity, he has been responsible for strategizing and implementing advocacy and media communication activities for several governmental organisations and NGOs. His expertise lies in initiating story ideas with journalists based on developmental sectors including health and security, mapping and engaging key opinion leaders for articles and blog development, identifying relevant media outlets for communication dissemination and maximizing content reach.

He has also worked extensively in the advertising sector, helping create various national ad campaigns for prominent brands.

Kunwar’s experience in the field of communication has inspired him to employ his skills to further Delcom’s resolve to venture into digital media and become one of the leading digital magazines in the world. At Delcom Infotech, he is primarily responsible for the content and quality of the publication and ensuring that stories are engaging and informative. This includes overseeing the layout, appearance and content of feature articles, generating ideas for features with writing staff and commissioning articles from freelance and in-house writers, among many others.