WatchDog appears to be the latest threat in the ever increasing cryptocurrency scams, particularly because of the recent hike in trading prices.

Watch the WatchDog

In short, it’s a crypto-mining malware. WatchDog has been infecting systems under the radar for almost two years and has affected at least 476 Windows and Linux devices, to date.

Watch the WatchDog

According to researchers, WatchDog is capable of finding and using the IAM Data from previously attacked cloud-based devices and can relaunch a more catastrophic attack. Considering that operators of the malware used 33 exploits to target 32 flaws in popular softwares like ElasticSearch and Oracle WebLogic, it would be safe to say that it’s a campaign of high scale and significance.

Final Thoughts

With a 40% increase in network traffic and significantly increasing crypto attacks due to rising crypto-trading prices, WatchDog has done a decent damage of around $32000 since July 2019 when considered a major threat.

As a reader you must be aware that the pilots of the WatchDog malware are skilled and trained software programmers who possess a higher damage capacity than what has been displayed so far. Therefore, we advise individuals and organisations to tighten up your digital front to prevent any major crypto related incidents in future.


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