Advanced “Snake Ransomware” Found Infiltrating Major Enterprises Around The World


Among the new cyber attack problem persistently infiltrating the organizations around the globe, “Snake Ransomware Operators” have started to emerge in the cyber crime scenes, actively found infecting organizations. At least one healthcare organization on their radar at all times.

Discovered by the MalwareHunterTeam and recently launched cyber attack campaigns started on May 4th of 2020, major healthcare organizations around the world have reported being targeted by the snake ransomware.

This ransomware attack primarily focuses on holding the data and IT systems hostage, in order to gain digital currency.

New enterprise level targeting is being deployed in order to infiltrate global networks of multinational organizations. This advanced technique helps Snake to identify and capture important company credentials followed by encryption of the files.

With COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are becoming a goldmine for cyber attackers, primarily looking to obtain intelligence on healthcare policies or obtain sensitive data related to Coronavirus.

Snake ransomware also targeted an architectural firm in France, Europe along with a prepaid debit card company. It’s claimed to be one of the advanced attacks.

Conclusive reports suggest that Snake ransomware is under analysis to identify any weaknesses or breaking points. Meanwhile, organizations are being advised to treat the attacks as data breach and assume the worst out of any attacks that may occur in the near future.