New York — COVID-19 was declared global pandemic last month by the World Health Organization, not many are aware of the little known fact about the Defense Intelligence Agency, predicting the virus outbreak prior to the W.H.O declaration.

A senior defense official told NBC News about the most secretive mission in its history. NCMI, known as the U.S. Spying community has been researching the virus and its severity for quite a while now.

National Center for Medical Intelligence is a little known secret government agency efficiently proving to be the community’s eyes and ears recognizing and predicting the intensity of any upcoming disease. Located at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where NCMI holds its most classified information and analysis about the coronavirus outbreak.

The Trump administration however, declined the request to tour the facility in this time of crisis. The classified information in the database of NCMI may contain public health records, sources of intelligence via social media as well as information on public health authorities as well as foreign leaders that may be providing false information about the severity of the disease in their nations.

The NCMI is currently on a mission to identify the intense effects of coronavirus and gather information from the medical centers in Italy and most likely comb through the Syrian refugee camp to find any signs of the virus.


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