Johnson & Johnson Becomes a Target for North Korea Sanctioned Hacker Group


Being an integral medical organization, Johnson & Johnson is one of the prominent companies involved in the research for COVID-19 vaccine. Marene Allison, CISO at Johnson & Johnson, said this week, healthcare organizations like JnJ are seeing relentless attacks from nation-state threat actors “every single minute of the day.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Johnson & Johnson was one of six COVID-19 research companies that have been targeted by North Korean hackers in an attempt to extract vaccine information.

On the topic, Allison added on Thursday in online panel at the Aspen Cyber Summit, “Healthcare companies literally have seen an onslaught [of cyberattacks] since March 2010,

Referring to Meredith Harper, CISO at Eli Lilly, Allison added, “Meredith and I, and in all CISOs and healthcare [organizations], are seeing attempted penetrations by nation-state actors, not just North Korea, every single minute of every single day,

Allison mentioned that Johnson & Johnson does not have the resources to identify the source of an attack or the intent of it. Perhaps, the company has been relying on H-ISAC and CISA to identify and classify cyber attacks directed towards them.

Overall, Johnson & Johnson saw a 30% uprise in the cyber attacks during COVID but could not identify how much of it was COVID related.