Malicious Attacks Continue To Infect Medical and Healthcare Systems As They Struggle To Provide Support To COVID-19 Victims


It’s evident based on the COVID-19 progress, hospitals around the world are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of medical assistance.

However, while many in need of medical support and hundreds and thousands of people dying, has NOT stopped cyber hackers from constantly targeting medical institutions.

This act of no conscience and empathy has led cyber attackers to infect medical and government systems with malware and malicious softwares to steal confidential information.

Palo Alto Networks shared a published research with The Hacker News, confirming – “the threat actors who profit from cybercrime will go to any extent, including targeting organizations that are in the front lines and responding to the pandemic on a daily basis.”

Palo Alto Networks also confirmed that Canadian healthcare and research facilities have faced ransomware attacks when a cyber criminal group attempted to exploit the coronavirus crisis for financial benefits.

The attacks were detected March 24th & 26th 2020, as a part of the ongoing menace “COVID-19 Phishing” theme.