Virgin Media Admits “lack of responsibility”. Informs Customers About the Data Breach.


Virgin Media, a UK based telecommunication company is reaching out to its customers to make them aware of the latest data breach that took place in the company database.

The incident took place due unauthorized individuals accessed an incorrectly configured company database leading to compromising critical personal information of approximately 900,000 people.

The company admits the compromised information was left unsecure and accessible online for nearly 10 months.

Virgin Media in the UK, very similar to Verizon in the United States, is one of the leading telephone, internet and cable providers. Having an extensive customer base, the company is believed to have leaked customer information that may include phone numbers, home and email addresses and possibly date of birth.

According to Virgin Media, no financial information or passwords were either stored in the database or compromised. The company has been contacting customers via email informing them about the incident.

BBC News reported – Lutz Schüler, chief executive of Virgin Media said: “We recently became aware that one of our marketing databases was incorrectly configured which allowed unauthorised access. We immediately solved the issue by shutting down access.”

Virgin Media refuses to classify the incident as a “data breach”, claiming it’s an internal mistake and lack of responsibility on the company’s part, rather than a “hack” providing reassurance to its customers.

“We know what happened, why it happened and as soon as we became aware we immediately shut down access to the database and launched a full independent forensic investigation. We have also informed the Information Commissioner’s Office,” the company said.