As December quickly approaches, the Christmas season isn’t all that the U.S.A., is preparing to recognize and celebrate……the Los Angeles, Auto Show, is a main event, that will be showcasing some exciting toys, for grown ups.

Like kids in a candy store, the eyes of car enthusiasts attending, are certain to become dazzled by the sparkling, brand new, production model debuts of North America and the World. The spotlight will not just will shine upon the fastest Corvette, ever to roar its exotic engine; illumination will also be on the latest FORD Police Responder Hybrid security vehicles. (more…)

We’ve all heard it, said it, and done it, “Call an UBER!”. The days of waiting for a taxi, or hailing a cab, have never been quite so “trendy”, as it is to call an Uber driver. Sounds most fitting, to have a personal car service arrive at one’s location, with the single speed dial of a number, HOWEVER, be careful before you click that button on your phone.

The colloquial German word “Uber”, is supposed to mean “superior”, and although the San Francisco, California based, global transportation, technology company, Uber Technologies, Inc., gives an impression of such high standard service, it has succumbed to huge problems lately and many legal disputes. (more…)

As part of the campaign launched by Microsoft at the start of the year to make the modern cyber space safer, Satya Nadella recently offered some perspective on how the objectives can be achieved. In his recent interactions with the Indian media, Nadella drew attention to the ground rules proposed by Microsoft to secure the rapidly complexing cyber space, roping in key stake holders and defining the pivotal roles they can play.

The governments and global tech companies have understandably been placed as supremoes in their campaign, whereas the average users also play an important part. (more…)

Z may simply be the last letter in the alphabet to most, but in India, this 26th letter, is powerful and highly recognized. It carries its weight as a status symbol, especially, when the + follows it.

Just ask any high ranking Indian political figure or an extraordinarily famous Bollywood celebrity, and they will tell you about the importance of the letters, X,Y and Z. When it comes to protection, these symbols say it all.

As Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, awaits the arrival of the daughter, of U.S. President Donald Trump, for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, (GES) 2017, in Hyderabad, next week, everyone’s thoughts are turning to the type of relevant security measures that will be taken to shield her, during this most important visit to India. (more…)

World news highlighted positive meetings yesterday, between Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and US President Donald Trump, at the Association of South East Asian Nations, (ASEAN) summit, held in Manila, Philippines.

The two leaders, with a common objective of security for their respective nations and the world at large, shook hands after bilateral talks.

According to reports, apart from discussions on economic issues related to trade and investment, the two leaders privately discussed terrorism and shared mutual interest in finding solutions for the situation in Asia, and “humanity as a whole”. (more…)


NASDAQ stock market, the American stock exchange, today reported in bold headlines that “Hewlett Packard Enterprise Unveils First Block Chain Product”.

A trending technology that is thought to revitalize and cause a significant shift in the tech sector, Block Chain, boasts strength against cyber crime.

The product, know as Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), has been created with the intention of supplying companies with the computer hardware that is quick and efficient. (more…)


As we pray for the souls of the multiple victims killed in a Baptist church in Texas, USA, we ask our ourselves the question – “where do we go to find peace and solace, if not in a house of God?”. On Sunday morning, this devoted Christian community opened up their hearts to prayer and to their blessed Savior, when an act of domestic terrorism, caused by a local community member, created one of the worst atrocities known in US history. The disturbed psychopath, opened gunfire and murdered, in cold blood, the majority of the congregation. A pregnant woman, babies, children, men and women alike, were all slaughtered within a matter of minutes. (more…)

Nominated to be on the shortlist, in the category of International Best Practices for his system “FIST OF FIRE”, Dr. Mustafa El-Nahrawy, from Egypt, has been selected alongside other outstanding and exceptional candidates, to be held in high esteem, at the 2017 EXCELLENCE FIRE & EMERGENCY AWARDS, in London, England, on December 8th, at One Great George Street, Westminster, UK.

“FIST OF FIRE”, is a new system that suppresses all major fires. Patented by the Ministry of Scientific Research in Egypt, August 2016, it is designed to be mounted on a plane or on giant helicopter. Capable of carrying 15 cubic meters of substance, the system is equipped to extinguish fires with water, foam material or powder, depending on the requirements needed for the specific type of fire. (more…)

Fire departments around the world are to be admired and praised for the tremendous effort of managing fire and emergency situations, whether wildfires, as seen recently that engulfed parts of Northern California, or urban and structure fires such as Grenfell Tower, North Kensington. No matter whether the departments are federal, municipal or private, all firefighters are rescuers that are extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten life, property, or the environment. Whatever the niche, huge applauds and enormous respect is directed toward the firefighting brotherhood, as well as all other first responders. (more…)

When will it ever end? What can we do to step up security in a world where hatred is oftentimes stronger than peace.

Another terrorist attack has occurred but this time in New York, USA. According to police reports, 8 people were killed, of which 6 were foreign tourists enjoying a vacation in Manhattan. US Officials have evidence to prove the perpetrator is said to be a radicalized supporter of the militant group (IS).

While 11 other people caught in the deadly strike are recovering from injuries, the question remains – how do we prevent these deadly terrorist attacks from happening in the first place. What strides as a nation, do we have to take, as far as security is concerned?

New York, is not the only city that is faced with such devastating types of atrocities, cities in Europe have also suffered multiple terrorist attacks of this kind, over the past few months. The current intention of these radical murderers is to use manuals that give detailed instructions on how to maximize devastation and death with accessible tools. The latest method is to use trucks and large vans as weapons, which can be stolen or rented. Armed with lethal tools such as sharp kitchen knives, and vehicles that are capable of plowing through crowds of innocent people at high speed, the sick intent of creating tremendous carnage is achieved.

So where do the experts start? Is it a surveillance issue? We have state of the art camera networks with large overviews and the latest technologies planted in strategic locations. We have “boots on the ground”’, in the form of active law enforcement officers patrolling the streets. Protective barriers have even been installed on many walkways, in order to defend common areas of significance. A mat with steel spikes that can be rolled out to puncture tires of speeding vehicles, has even been designed, but now we are discovering that none of these attempts of protection, are sufficient alone.

What do authorities have to do in order to prevent these threats from reoccurring in our neighborhoods? Can security agencies get their head around this horrific phenomenon and detect vehicular attack plots before they occur? Gathering intelligence is one of the most important forms of security. It has to be collected BEFORE the radical extremist groups have time to carry our their dangerous attacks.

Governments must work closely together and allow security intelligence to help find solutions that lead the way. Access to mobile devices and personal data must be allowed through cyber security. Information sharing, at high intelligence level, with respected security agencies, is probably the surest way to understand the encrypted coding and methods of communication these savage criminals exchange with one another.

In a constellation of efforts to prevent these radical extremists, from invading countries and slaughtering good, decent people, let’s emphasize the importance of allowing technology to police critical information that can prevent terrorist movement, before ruin on all levels is allowed to prevail. We have the capability to detect threats through our vast technology. In addition, the sophistication of security methods is ever evolving. This incomprehensive problem has to be solved. Our hope lies in the architecture of advanced security intelligence. One terror attack is one too many. One life killed, is one too many. It has to STOP now.