ASEAN summit: PM Modi and President Trump agree on Peace and Security

PM Modi and President Trump agree

World news highlighted positive meetings yesterday, between Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, and US President Donald Trump, at the Association of South East Asian Nations, (ASEAN) summit, held in Manila, Philippines.

The two leaders, with a common objective of security for their respective nations and the world at large, shook hands after bilateral talks.

According to reports, apart from discussions on economic issues related to trade and investment, the two leaders privately discussed terrorism and shared mutual interest in finding solutions for the situation in Asia, and “humanity as a whole”.

Foreign Secretary, Dr. Jaishankar, stated the Modi-Trump meeting lasted approximately 45 minutes and was extremely productive. Media reports stated four agreements were signed by the two powerful nations, which included Defence cooperation & logistic, agriculture and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Prime Minister Modi underlined how relations between the U.S. and India are “growing rapidly, – with great speed”, and “getting deeper and very comprehensive”.

President Donald Trump, in turn, praised Prime Minister Modi, calling him “a great gentleman doing a good job”, as well as commenting that Modi is a respected friend to the USA. What left affirmative, lasting impressions on the Indian leader, was how Trump, during his travels and speaking engagements in Asia, always dialogued with hope and constantly delivered, “a very high opinion of India”.