Apple Makes Account Deletion a Requirement for All Apps


Apple’s grip on the security and user experience of the third-party apps in the Apple App Store is getting tighter and tighter. According to an announcement by Apple, all third-party apps on iOS, iPadOS and MacOs that allow users to create an account must also provide a seamless way to delete and terminate their account.

This rule will take effect beginning 2022 as Apple stated – “This requirement applies to all app submissions starting January 31, 2022,”.

The announcement further states that the developers must, “review any laws that may require you to maintain certain types of data, and to make sure your app clearly explains what data your app collects, how it collects that data, all uses of that data, your data retention/deletion policies.

It seems that Apple is urging the developers to create an in-app provision for account deletion, however, in a rare circumstance, an app might be able redirect its users to an external link such as a web page or an email link in order to make it harder for the users to follow up with account deletion process.

In theory, Apple’s initiative primarily aims to protect user privacy and give its users more control over data collection, retention, usage and removal. The newly launched e-commerce platform CubeSnack does that really well.

We spoke to CubeSnack Inc. about how they protect user data and here’s what the company said, “Making sure that users get the options to manage their account has been one of our primary focuses. CubeSnack is an online marketplace where sellers can register their business to sell with us, upload and manage inventory, communicate with buyers and freelancers etc., and that made it all the more important for us to ensure that we create a secure marketplace environment and make sure that user privacy and data protection remains on the forefront of our platform development and company mission.

The CubeSnack App is available for download on both iOS and Android.

The new changes also require the developers or app owners to include a link to their privacy policy that clearly and transparently states what kind of data the app will be collecting and how the information will be used.