E-commerce Businesses are Being Targeted in New Campaigns by “MakeFrame” Skimmer

Image Source: Delcom Infotech
Image Source: Delcom Infotech

The recent cyber hacking news has confirmed that recent campaigns by MakeFrame have compromised at least 19 e-commerce websites till date.

According to experts, the cyber threat organisation has used victim sites for skimmer development.

The campaign primarily targets the payment cards of online shoppers.

The new data skimmer aka “MakeFrame” was first recognized on January 24th 2020. Since then, it has compromised approximately 19 e-commerce websites so far.

MageCart Group 7 may have suspectedly created MakeFrame and possibly released many different versions of it.

Cyware reported the researcher’s statement in an article – “There are several elements of the MakeFrame skimmer that are familiar to us, but it’s this technique in particular that reminds us of Magecart Group 7.”

Different versions of MakeFrame:

MakeFrame has been successfully stealing customer payment information by hosting a skimming code on e-commerce websites and filtering out the vital customer payment information.

So far, experts have found 3 different versions of the MakeFrame and each version was found to persistently extract customer information in different ways. Experts say the threat group has been using victim sites for using the skimmer codes, particularly from small to medium businesses.

This latest skimmer from Group 7 is an illustration of their continued evolution, honing tried and true techniques and developing new ones all the time. They are not alone in their endeavors to improve, persist, and expand their reach,added the experts.

According to the findings, the targeted victim types were found to be similar in nature.

Conclusively, data skimming attacks are becoming more and more prominent as the majority of the people are online working or shopping from home. The research has found a 20% increase in the MegaCart attack figures as we pass through the COVID-19 crisis.