“FaceApp” – The popular app that makes you look old, meanwhile stores all your data.


Ever had an urge to know how you would look when you turn 70 years old? Well, at some point in our young age, we all imagined how our facial feature would turn out to be when get old. The new wave of “FaceApp”, the app that makes you look old is popularly in demand and is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. As fascinating as it sounds to see what old age will bring, there are growing concerns with how FaceApp handles user data and private information.

There are multiple issues with the terms of service of the very popular FaceApp. These concerns are just a bit more than just concerns. FaceApp’s terms and condition clearly implement that the app will continue to store data and user information even after it’s been deleted from the app. Business Insider reported, The company said the data could be retained to comply with “certain legal obligations”.

FaceApp’s privacy policy also makes it clear that the information stored is transferrable to any country’s FaceApp operation department. In simple terms, it means that the data collected can be transferred to Russia, the country where FaceApp’s development team operates from.

So what was FaceApp’s response to the growing consumer concerns? Let’s check it out.

The app development team clarifies that the data stored in the Russian database is primarily used to make the editing process more efficient and optimised to the user’s facial structures. They also confirmed that photos stored on the server are usually deleted in two days. Well, sure!

So far, there are no unusual incidents with the current version of the FaceApp. Needless to say, regardless of whether or not any serious consequences, with all apps, all users must be careful about how they integrated their personal information and be mindful of the terms and conditions as well as privacy policies.