As humanity is advancing towards a secure future, biometrics technology is rising in popularity. Many big and small sector companies are adopting the new age biometrics system. Across many countries and industries, biometric based security has become a standard requirement to ensure security, prevent fraudulent activities and track crimes and/or criminals.

It just doesn’t stop there. Facial recognition has come very far. Even to a point where insurance companies are pricing premiums based on this technology and hotels are greeting guests with facial recognition. Now that’s what we call – “Digital Lifestyle”.

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According to 2019 CB Insights’ patent analysis tool, interest in facial recognition software is surging. Several companies are developing technology for law enforcement applications to ensure easy protection management. One of the major enterprises in the world, Amazon, has facial recognition technology called “Amazon Rekognition” to law enforcement agencies. The technology developed by the E-commerce giant is capable of providing real-time analysis of video surveillance and has features like “face-based user” and many more. Reports say, the Amazon facial recognition technology has multiple layers of authentication, asking users to perform various actions like smile, blink and tilt heads.

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Project Mobil, a new collaboration of Ford and Intel, is a perfect example of automotive manufacturers developing facial recognition systems to eliminate car theft crimes. The new project features a dashboard camera that uses facial recognition to identify the main driver of a vehicle, which enables the car to disable ignition if someone other than the designated driver tries to start the car while in the drivers’ seat. Project Mobil will have the capability to register faces of authorized users of the vehicle along with the primary owner.

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Other sectors, including energy industries are also utilizing facial recognition technology to secure payments and add additional overall security.

Top 10 major industries using facial recognition to improve operations are:

1. Banking
2. Medical
3. Law enforcement
4. Retail
5. Education
6. Social media platforms
7. Automobile
8. Government
9. Travel
10.Electronics – Mobile devices

Facial recognition holds the key to a secure future and we have already seen examples of companies like Apple introducing facial recognition technology on certain cell phone models to authenticate the use of smartphones. This ground-breaking technology will soon be a mandatory requirement in our day-to-day operations, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay.