Investing in IP driven technologies for modern security systems

The security landscape is rapidly acquiring a more complex suit, with IT infrastructure and various external systems now joining its armour to deliver a lot more than simply safety of people and assets and area surveillance. We are stepping into an age where a smart mix of analytics and surveillance systems is substantially redefining the role of security solutions – from a threat watchdog to an active tool for enhancing different business functions. As security solutions and features move beyond protecting people and assets, it’s imperative that businesses understand how system integrators can be leveraged to deliver the optimum security services.

Long gone are the days when physical security and information technology could be identified as two distinct fields. The present is all about convergence. Different aspects of trade are now finding common ground in IT and physical security is no stranger to this. With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, more and more organisations are mapping out security solutions that are cost effective, easy to operate and adaptable to their needs. Shifting to IP-based infrastructure and wireless technologies becomes an important first step in the context of moving towards modern security systems. With IP-based infrastructure, organisations can enjoy a greater pliability and freedom. The advanced features of wireless technologies help to overcome the conventional challenges with relative ease. Introducing intelligence and analytics provides better ways to analyse inputs at national operations centres, and offers new ways to present alerting and notification, improving compliance.

With rapid strides forward in technology, IP cameras now drive a great interest in video data. This fact is empirically validated with the estimation that video surveillance systems will generate data north of 15 ZB (zettabytes) in the year 2017 alone.

In today’s age, when any loss of data can amount to an unprecedented crisis, system failures (where video or security information becomes inaccessible and eventually lost) can render organisations hauntingly vulnerable and exposed to irreversible damages. Organisation therefore need assurance that their investment in security solutions is protected. The advancement in the value of video becomes an important factor in this regard.

As organisations shift their focus towards IP-based solutions and advanced security systems, they are enabled to think fast and think ahead. The organisations can leverage the technological developments by addressing factors such as what do they need to be monitoring, how can they contain the situations effectively and how can the response mechanism optimised through security design and layouts.

Advancement in technologies are not just having a significant impact on physical security but also on other aspects of security solutions. Terms such as “software-defined storage,” “server virtualization” and “hyper-convergence” are more common than ever. Systems integrators can revolutionize business needs by capitalizing on the in-house potency of IT driven technologies, as well as educating employees on the continued benefit of IT solutions in the surveillance arena.

Investing in surveillance is an essential factor in path to digitization which spurs competitiveness and absolute safety within both physical and virtual environment. While the investment is paramount, with forward thinking and innovative practices the results can be game changing.