Millions of Fingerprints and Sensitive Data Leaked by a High Security Software “Biostar”.

Image: VideoBlocks | News article reported by DELCOMINFOTECH.

As we move forward with time and hope to live in a secured future, the security companies just can’t find a way to stop the ‘leaks’ in the security system.

BIOSTAR, is the security software that has reportedly leaked millions of fingerprints and other sensitive information on the internet.

A specific advanced security tool called “Biostar 2” , was known to give access to the sensitive data, said researchers from VPNMentor.

Biostar 2 is known to be a world-class security software and is used by many companies across the globe. Biostar also serves the UK Police to control access and secure specific parts of the important facilities.

“If there has been any definite threat on our products and/or services, we will take immediate actions and make appropriate announcements to protect our customers’ valuable businesses and assets,” a company spokesman told the Guardian. – BBC News reported.

The sensitive data discovered exposed on August 5th was made private was made private on August 13th ‘19.

The intensity of the exposed data was much more than JUST fingerprints. The discovered information revealed people’s photographs, names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, facial recognition data as well as employment history.

23 gigabytes of data containing nearly 30 million records were found to be exposed on the internet.

“This could be used in a wide range of criminal activities that would be disastrous for both the businesses and organisations affected, as well as their employees or clients,” said VPNMentor in a blog about the discovery.
It’s still not clear how long the data was accessible online for.