New Executive Order Designed to Grow Federal Cybersecurity Staff


This week president Donald Trump approved and signed the new executive order, developed to recruite educate many more cybersecurity professionals to serve both government sanctioned agencies and private sectors. This beneficial EO (Executive Order) aims to minimize the risk of cybercrimes, hence providing a secured information platform.

The new EO is designed to create a larger base of talented individuals working between businesses and government agencies. The new recruits will be provided various forms for learning programs to support expertise. Some of these training opportunities will be in the form of apprenticeship, work-based hands-on learning and blended learning. These are the vital forms of training methods that will be beneficial for not just for the new recruits, but seasoned professionals as well. Moreover, this will grow, enhance and polish the skill sets of the new entrants for tedious tasks ahead.

Known as the “Cybersecurity Rotational Assignment Program”, will be a unique program led by the DHS (Department of Homeland Security, Office of Management and Budget along with the directors of Office of Personal Management. This initiative will bring the three major agencies together to help build a better risk management model focusing on minimizing the potentially growing risk of cybercrime.

As the per the new Executive Order, the new rotational program is non reimbursable. However, it does suggest that the participating agencies must recognize the the vital talent and achievements to keep the employees motivated in order to attain sustainabilty. It also suggests an annual cybersecurity competition known as “President’s Cup” to take place, allowing military employees and federal civilians to participating to compete with each other and challenge each other’s offensive and defensive security skills.