RSA and GDA Conferences, San Francisco – Major Tech Companies Pull Out Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Image source: CRN
Image source: CRN

14, number of total companies that backed out of the RSA conference that took place in San Francisco between Feb. 24-28.

But Why?

As per the organizers – On February 21st 2020, Verizon, America’s leading network providers decided not to participate in the 2020 RSA conference as a Gold Sponsor, due to coronavirus related concerns.

RSA also stated the AT&T, another Gold Sponsor for the event backed out due to the same reasons, making it a total of 14: six companies from China, seven from the United States and one from Canada.

Game Developer Conference:

An upcoming event to be held between March 16-20 in San Francisco is experiencing withdrawals from major companies like Facebook.
International Business Machines (IBM) announced its withdrawal last week to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus, the devastating virus originated in Wuhan, China has killed approximately 2,200 people so far and affected trade and business worldwide, leading to shutdowns in many parts of the world.