The Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated days in America; it is a time when the country comes together to recognize its Declaration of Independence. People gather together on this national holiday to enjoy patriotism in the form of family, friends, fireworks, and barbecues.

As you celebrate America’s birthday, whether it is at the beach, the park or in one’s own backyard, it is important to follow a few guidelines:


1) Only grill outdoors NEVER indoors, or in enclosed areas.
2) Be mindful of anything that may be inflammable close to the barbecue grill.
3) Select one main person to supervise the barbecue grill when cooking outdoors.
4) Do not allow children or animals to stray close to the grill.
5) Be careful of alcohol and hot barbecues. If it spills it can cause flare-ups. If the person is drinking too much they can accidentally burn themselves.
6) Use the charcoal and lighter fluid products careful and read instructions.
7) If the flames on the grill leap high, try to cover them with the barbecue lid, as soon as possible to extinguish the oxygen.
8) Use the appropriate barbecue cooking tools.
9) Keep a small fire extinguisher handy and a household first aid kit.
10) Always make sure the barbecue is turned off and any charcoals fully put out before leaving the barbecue.


1) Fireworks cannot be purchased in all states due to safety laws.
2) Attending public fireworks operated by professional companies are safer than private displays in one’s own garden.
3) Stay in long range of firework display.
4) Do not allow children or animals to come in close contact to fireworks even when unlit.
5) A sober adult should light fireworks with care at arm’s length them back away quickly. If the firework doesn’t activate immediately leave it alone. It could explode in one’s face.
6) Never throw a firework.
7) Animals may be afraid of the noise of firework – please respect their space. Keep pets indoors and secure.
8) Keep water handy in case of an emergency.


1) Most July 4th days are extremely hot since the celebrations fall in the heat of summer. Be mindful of direct exposure to the blistering sun. Sunburn and even sunstroke can occur if one doesn’t take precautionary measures.
2) Wear a sunscreen lotion with a high factor count preferable over 15, and apply regularly, especially if at a beach or by the pool (water may dilute the effect).
3) Wear sandals, sneakers, flip-flops or any kind of foot protection that prevents feet from burning on hot sand at the beach or hot paving stones by the pool.
4) Keep sunglasses handy to protect eyes.
5) Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages and water to stay hydrated in the heat.
6) Stay as close to an air-conditioned or fan operated area, if at all possible.

For further information on 4th July or summer safety in America, please go to websites such as FEMA, American Veterinary Medical Association, and Fireworks Safety. org, to learn more.