Saudi Arabia To Respond To Oil Attacks. Stated, “with necessary measures”.

Saudi Arabia prepares to retaliate. U.S prepares to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia to strengthen force.


After another round of drone attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil facilities, Saudi Arabia is ready to respond with “necessary measures”. Saudi Arabia has emphasized that Iran’s to be blamed for the attacks.

Although Iran denies the accusations, the Minister of Foreign Affairs thinks differently. Adel al-Jubeir believes the weapons used in the attack were Iranian and claims that detailed investigation will be released on the issue.

Iran was ready to destroy any nation displaying aggressive behavior towards it. However, this changed after USA announced it will be deploying troops to Saudi Arabia.

The actual group confessed it was responsible for the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia. “Houthi-rebels”, an Iranian-backed militant group from Yemen claimed responsibility for the attacks on September 14th, perhaps affecting the global oil supply.

U.S. President Donald Trump wisely abandoned a deal with Iran that was planned to limit Iran’s nuclear activities last year. This led to tensions between USA and Iran, thus, significantly.

Saudi Arabia displayed the remains of the missiles on Wednesday, proving that the weapons were from Iran. Not just Saudi Arabia, but United States has accused Iran of being responsible for the attacks.

Reports say some senior officials have discreetly told American media that based on the evidence displayed in Saudi Arabia, the attack possibly originated in the south of Iran.

On Friday, Mark Esper (U.S. Secretary Of Defence), said that U.S. would be deploying troops to Saudi Arabia with a motive of strengthening the country’s defense forces against any unforeseen attacks.

President Trump stated he wants to avoid military conflict, if any.