CEO AMAZON Scandal puts Spotlight On Smartphone Security


Recent media reports in the USA, have been focused on Jeff Bezos, CEO AMAZON and the alleged leak photos sent to his girlfriend model and tv personality Laura Sanchez. While questions are pending and an investigation is underway regarding how his private information was made public, it once again reinforces the importance of security on personal devices.

Hacking has become a criminal movement, and everyone is susceptible to it.

Privacy experts say that it is common for people to become relaxed when it comes to their mobile devices. Despite pin number and password codes, if one doesn’t log out or shut down correctly, there is room for an outsider to intrude into one’s data. Any personal information connected to the internet is a possible threat to ourselves.

Highly confidential personal information stored on one’s devices in digital format can be hacked, stolen, redirected and intercepted by a highly skilled intruder. It is becoming more and more frequent.

Encryption is currently used to protect one’s device data, however, it is reported that in the not too distant future even that will become problematic as “quantum computing matures”.

Some security firms advise using a sentence as a security password rather than a one-word entry. It is warned to stay away from question-answers when setting up devices, such as “which school did you attend?”. it is best to choose passwords that are harder to guess.

Other tips given by authorities in the security industry suggest shortening the lockout timer on phones.

Although the media gossip focus is around the security of Bezos’ phone, it also remains that the texts and images one sends out become suddenly in the phone of the recipient, therefore, it then begins to be how that person manages the security on their devices that comes into play. We can control our own security but not that of others. When private information leaves our hands we are at the mercy of the recipient.

Mindfulness is the key to prevent embarrassing situations. No matter what security features we have on our devices, one must always remain vigilant.