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Sony Launches Industry’s Highest Sensitivity 4K Network Camera SNC-VB770

and Compact 4K Camera UMC-S3C

New cameras combine sensitivity, color and resolution for range of commercial applications compatible with a variety of α E-mount interchangeable lens



SNC-VB770                                                                      UMC-S3C


Hong Kong, October 26, 2016 – Sony today announced the latest 4K network camera SNC-VB770 and compact 4K camera UMC-S3C which offer the highest sensitivity in their class – under 0.004lx, ISO 409600 1 . The two new models combine ultra-high sensitivity with 4K resolution to give video professionals more flexibility to capture details even in extreme low-light conditions.

The new cameras achieve high resolution and sensitivity in addition to low noise due to its image processing and full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor – all developed by Sony. The sensor captures significantly more light with low noise than conventional camera sensors to realize drastic improvements in sensitivity. The result is low light performance in nearly pitch-black environments beyond the capabilities of human eyes.


                                           1 Standard ISO 100 – 102400, Expandable to ISO 100-409600


The cameras’ E-mount lens series accommodates a variety of lens options from wide angle to telephoto, allowing easy integration into a range of video capture applications including surveillance such as city, transportation, ports or critical infrastructure; web attraction, nature studies or scientific applications. Sony’s E-mount lenses are optimized to maximize the performance of the 35 mm full-frame sensor, keeping resolution high across the entire image area from the center to the lens periphery.

With the exceptional detail provided by 4K technology (4 times the detail of full HD), security and other video professionals, for example, can expand their wide area surveillance and capture, magnify and examine the smallest parts of a scene such as the appearance of an individual or a car license plate number – all with Sony’s SNC-VB770 and UMC-S3C.

The new cameras use area-specific noise reduction to selectively divide images into areas based on patterns (such as edges, textures and evenly colored areas like blue skies) to efficiently reduce noise. Image quality is further enhanced with the cameras’ detail reproduction technology.

4K Network Camera SNC-VB770

The SNC-VB770 is equipped with advanced network capabilities. Its Intelligent Cropping feature allows users to capture a full view while cropping images in its native 4K resolution from multiple images at the same time, with either 3 or 5 simultaneous video streams. The Intelligent Cropping has two modes, static and dynamic.

Users can select “static” to see multiple specific areas in one scene. They can capture an overview image and the details of the cropped areas at the same time. “Dynamic” mode uses the intelligent motion to detect, crop and track moving objects automatically.

Intelligent Scene Capture automatically adjusts and adapts picture quality (brightness and color) depending on time, weather and lighting conditions. The SNC-VB770 also allows users to customize picture parameter presets for the best settings. Multiple picture configurations can be saved and switched either manually (using the Picture Profile mode) or according to schedule (Picture Profile Scheduler) to ensure the best picture quality day or night.

Compact 4K Camera UMC-S3C

Weighting at approximately 400g, the lightweight UMC-S3C is currently the most compact camera among Sony’s line-up in the full-frame camera market. Long duration video recording is also possible as the stand-alone camera is equipped with a memory card slot on the camera body instead of network cabling feature. With a 64GB memory card, users can record up to 125 minutes of 4K footage with standard quality (30 fps/60 Mbps). The UMC-S3C also accommodates XAVC S format which enables high quality recording with 100Mbfps high bit rate2.

2 In the case of 4K recording

Sony’s 4K Network Camera SNC-VB770 and Compact 4K Camera UMC-S3C are now available at HK$58,000 (body only) and HK$39,000 (body only), respectively.

Detailed product specifications of the  SNC-VB770 and  UMC-S3C.

For customer enquiries, please contact Sony hotline service at (852) 2345-2966.

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