‘We Fight Cyber Crime’ Initiative Launched By Pune City Police


Keeping up with the evolving cyber landscape in India, Pune Police announced the launch of ‘We Fight Cyber Crimes’ initiative to sensitize the students and teachers of the city on tackling cyber crimes. This comes against the backdrop of rising counts of cybercrimes in the city, with youth between the age of 18 and 24 being a susceptible target of the menace. The initiative will help to counter this problem, as the programs strive to educate over thousand teachers and more than 20,000 students on the many ways of tackling cyber crimes effectively. The initiative will commence on October 16.

The Pune Policy has sided with a three pronged approach in order to successfully implement the program with optimum impact. The first step would involve actively creating awareness among students and teaches on the various aspect of cyber security and cyber crimes, as well as highlight the ways in which cyber threats can be prevented. This will be carried out through robust sharing of information via social media websites, blog and videos on online platforms. The second step would be to transfuse the issue of cyber crimes to school competitions such as debates, slogan making, etc. This would help in deepening the impact from the initial programs. The final step would include providing coherent training and education to the teachers from different schools and colleges on dealing with cyber crimes efficiently, who will then be expected to educate their students on the matter through workshops and teaching sessions.

In a bid to leverage the impact, full day conferences and workshops will also be exclusively organised by technical cells of various schools and colleges detailing the cyber landscape and the many ways to approach it. This is evidently a welcome step in an environment in which more and more elements are falling prey to cyber threats and crimes. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime) Sudhir Hiremath said in a statement that the students “would be given intensive trainingon cyber crime issues. Cyber experts from C-DAC, Google India and Career Corner have extended their support for the initiative.”