Web Users Worried About Online Privacy but Unable Do Much About It.

Power of internet is gigantic. We created it and now we can’t control it. Our worlds revolve around it.

Article by DELCOMINFOTECH | Image: Imperva
Article by DELCOMINFOTECH | Image: Imperva

Human race is rapidly advancing as we make it halfway through 2019. Somewhere, somehow and some shape or form, something new is being developed around the world.
But the question that rises is, “what exactly is happening to our collective sense internet and technology? Are we aware enough?”

We live in a society where we all want to be a part of the “digital” social groups. But how much of ourselves are we willing to sacrifice for it?

Lately, Facebook has been in the limelight for data-mining and personal user information has been compromised including biometric data. Well, that did raise the alarm, but we’re creatures of habit. Apparently Facebook’s example was not the first one out there, but we chose to ignore.

Almost approaching 2020, it’s never been more clear that all the technological developments we adapt to and most of which makes our lives easier, we’re only holding a double-edged sword. Either way, technology particularly the internet, has got most of us by the hook. And now we’re demanding our rights to control our own personal data back. Well, with government and tech giants ruling the internet, the possibility of that happening could be minimum to zero.

Based on the recent study, unbelievably, a whopping number of internet users objected to how our personal information is shared with and used by the third-party companies.

It’s a growing concern for almost 90% of the people who participated in the study, the way internet privacy is handled and how much is at stake.

Still wondering what’s happening with the selfies you posted all over social media last week? Well, consider re-thinking.

Majority of the people are worried about the security of their personal information on the internet, yet we do very little to safeguard our information online. Some of the steps failed to observe include downloading apps that track user information and whereabouts and clicking “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE” button without reading the terms and conditions of many apps or websites.

This ignorant behavior is the reason why technology has overpowered the humans over the years and 2019 is probably the best time to realize the relevance of, and gain control over our personal information on the worldwide web.