WordPress Vulnerabilities May Risk Corporate Networks

Image Source: Websitebuilder.co.uk
Image Source: Websitebuilder.co.uk

WordPress as we know is the world’s most renowned Content management System that primarily relies on a plug-in based solution with support for over 55,000 plug-ins making WordPress a perfect fit for corporations that manage websites on a large scale.

While it’s great to WP as a solid backend system, it also opens doors to vulnerabilities being an open-source software.

A large number of cases have been found recently when the vulnerability in the plug-ins has allowed hackers to invade not only the webpages but possibly the entire IT ecosystem of an organization.

On April 22nd 2020 Wordfence reported a vulnerability in “Real Time Find and Replace” plugin which was later patched. The malicious software had more than 100,000 installations on the websites allowing attackers to infect the systems with malicious Javascript by bypassing the system administrator.

Incidents That Actually Took Place

It has been witnessed at several occasions where the attacker has been able to take advantage of the WordPress vulnerabilities to cause significant damage to business operations of organizations that were being targeted.

How you can stay protected

  • Use reliable and authentic plugins.
  • Keep your systems up to date with downloading updates from known sources.
  • Update security of your website by using plugins provided by WordPress such as Shield Security, Jetpack and Ninja Firewall.