Artificial Intelligence Technology is Now Able to Locate Missing Individuals

Image: | News reported by DELCOMINFOTECH
Image: | News reported by DELCOMINFOTECH

There was a time when the police force was deployed when someone went missing. We’re almost heading in 2020 and technology is advancing at the pace of light.

Needless to say, it’s definitely helping the human race in many ways.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one such technology that uses advanced recognition to find and locate missing people.

In general terms, AI is a software program that can be used on most devices. One such device that has popularly helped the defense industry for almost a decade now, “Drones”.

RPAS, Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Systems commonly known as drones, are flying equipment installed with infrared cameras and thermal imaging sensors capable of recognizing shapes.

In one of the recent incidents, the Rochester PD located a 84-year old man who went missing, via drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras. The missing person was found and located after an 8-hour flight time.

Drones are a powerful equipment in the field of security and defense and has served its purpose in more than one way.