TikTok Under Investigation. User Information at Risk.

TikTok, one of the most popularly emerging social media apps, especially with teens being the primary users out of almost half a billion users worldwide.


Most popularly music based memes have been produced on the short-clipped video app.
How can a music-based meme app pose a risk?

Well, some politicians have a point of view on that. The government officials are worried that apps like TikTok and Bytedance may pose a risk to national security. This has raised safety concerns among regulators.

So is TikTok really safe? And how does it even work?

TikTok is very similar but a bit different from Snapchat. Short 15 second videos, lip-synching to popular songs and vague editing tricks. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s just how TikTok works. Anyone over the age of 13 can sign up and people mostly under 20 year of age are found to be using it.

Although all accounts are tagged “Public”, but parental controls can be optionally enforced to monitor the activities for kids.

Bytedance, a Beijing-based company acquired Musical.ly in 2017. Bytedance also has a sister app, Douyin.

Recently, the company has been in controversy. It was temporarily banned in India and has been under investigation by US counter intelligence. Bytedance was also fined a whopping £4.3m fine after Musical.ly was found to have knowingly hosted content published by under-age users. – Reported BBC.

Reports by Washington Post say that China-based teams have asked Bytedance to take down controversial content in the United States.

The deleted content contained videos of physical involvement like kissing and other actions like – dance moves and political debates.

Several US senators have joined the call for a government investigation.