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Cubesnack is Revolutionizing E-commerce for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that the online marketplace has made monumental leaps in terms of popularity. The pandemic that caused havoc among most industries only made the e-commerce marketplace stronger as many retailers who could not sustain the prolonged store closures, flocked to e-commerce.

As easy and smooth as it might seem, it’s important to understand that a successful e-commerce market is only possible with a strong and robust website, plus essential features that provide value to customers. A website is not easy to create and cheap to maintain, and most small-scale businesses have difficulty tackling this requirement. However, that may not be the case for much longer. 

Cubesnack is an e-commerce marketplace platform developed from the ground up to make it easy and affordable for small business owners and online sellers in the e-commerce segment to set up shop. Cubesnack has all the useful and essential tools of a professional website packed into an online marketplace platform that makes it easy for local and online retailers to use and grow their business, reach local markets and deliver more, and better. 

The team at Cubesnack took to market, a simple idea of providing cost-effective marketplace solutions and extreme convenience to local and small retail businesses which otherwise couldn’t afford or have the means to have a full-fledged website up and running. They observed how local businesses were affected by the rapid success of e-commerce and how it’s nearly impossible for small businesses to expand beyond their local areas without giving a large chunk of cash to make websites or without submitting to other e-commerce platforms that take away a significant profit margin. 

Cubesnack essentially works with small and medium-scale businesses, local and online start-ups as well as professional freelancers to bring more value to the marketplace as a one-stop-shop for all e-commerce needs. Cubesnack Marketplace also offers the most advanced features for local retailers that can help them scale and manage their business better, sell from multiple locations, promote their products in-app and more.There are no subscription fees or monthly charges, hence making it perfectly affordable for retail businesses to get started comfortably.

The team at Cubesnack also discusses what they’ve learned over the years as they build the online marketplace. What really drives them is the ability to create more and do better for small businesses and local communities. “As humans, our ambition is usually to do more and grow more, and this characteristic can sometimes be our undoing. Hence, we should also be wise with this ability to do more and use it to make decisions that make the lives of others better.”, says the Cubesnack Team. 

When talking about the future, the team at Cubesnack says there is so much untapped potential in the local communities and they’re very optimistic about what’s to come. The Cubesnack team is working constantly on improving their products and services to help more businesses and enhance as well as simplify the overall value of day-to-day e-commerce. These young entrepreneurs at Cubesnack have a clear vision to improve the current financial and logistics sector of their marketplace that will directly benefit sellers and shoppers. Ultimately, the team wants Cubesnack to become the one-stop-shop for all e-commerce needs providing all the services and technologies needed on a global scale.

For sellers, stores and brands thinking of opening their business online but the only thing holding them back is the time, money, and resources to build a professional website, or even for people planning to expand their businesses but still can’t just afford to deal with the complexities of e-commerce, Cubesnack is the ultimate online marketplace solution to their needs. With a strong foundational values, a unique mission, and a vision to help businesses, the company is just getting started.

The Cubesnack app is now available for download on iOS and Android.

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