Elon Musk Confirms to Bring Tesla Model S Plaid to China by 2022

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New York—Tesla (TSLA) Chief Elon Musk confirmed that the electric auto giant will be bringing the new Tesla Model S Plaid to China in the early months of 2022.

Delcom Infotech believes that the Plaid model S could be an enthusiastic entry in the Chinese market and this move could potentially boost the automaker’s sales in the coming year.

Due to delays in bringing the updated versions of the Model S and Model X, Tesla has undoubtedly deprived the European and Asian market for almost two years. But that might not necessarily be a bad thing as the hype could turn in big profits for Tesla.

The Model S Plaid deliveries started in June this year and the most awaited electric sedan is now in full production due to increasing consumer demands.

Elon Musk Twee

Following this, today Elon Musk confirmed making deliveries to China (expectedly) by March 2022.

In recent years Musk has taken strides to commence operations in China and introduced the “Giga Shanghai”. Production rate has gone up in the Shanghai factory, however, the factory only produces Model 3 and Model Y.

The introduction of the Tesla model S Plaid will be carried out from the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA. Importing the cars to China will significantly add to the final sale price, but considering the popularity of the Model S Plaid price seems to be, but an insignificant concern if any at all.

We have witnessed the successes of Model 3 and Model Y in China over the last two years and it’s evident that the Model S Plaid will add to the increasing popularity of Tesla in the country.