Google Discontinues Its Attempts To Make Users Switch To Chrome. Warns Microsoft Edge is “Unsecure”.

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Ever received pop-ups asking you to switch to Google Chrome for secure browsing? Well, you might not see that again. Google has officially stopped persuading Microsoft Edge users to switch to Chrome.

Based on Chromium, the new Microsoft Edge is a browser extension that is also compatible with Google Chrome.

Since February 2020, Microsoft Edge users that visited the Google Chrome Web store were extended a greeting stating that they should switch to Chrome.

Why Did This Happen?

There’s a thin line between how Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge run. Considering that Google monopolised the market for decades but providing safe browsing with convenient features, Microsoft Edge seemed more like a threat to Google, leading to persuasion in fear of losing market share in the world of internet.

In an interview with BleepingComputer, Google camouflaged its fear by putting it on Microsoft Edge’s “unsafe” browsing mechanism, therefore, making Google look like the saviour.

Even though Google claims that Edge is an unsecure browser and that it’s a malicious extension, experts believe that there could have been a better way for Google to express its concerns to the users, rather than declaring Microsoft Edge as a. “Unsecure” browser – “Microsoft Edge lacks user protection” perhaps?

While initially it may have seemed like a great idea to directly target Microsoft Edge and get the users to switch to Chrome Extension, Google discontinued its attempts realizing it’s desperation at this point.