Intense Trade Talks Results in China Hacking a U.S. Manufacturing Group.

Image source:, Article reported by Delcom Infotech
Image source:, Article reported by Delcom Infotech

China is in the spotlight, yet again. This time it’s for stealing information from NAM (National Association of Manufacturers).

NAM, a U.S. a highly influential manufacturing and advocacy group that helped the Trump administration to establish reformed trade policies between the United States and China.

How China got caught?

Tools and strategies – China is well known for its unique techniques and advanced tools, perhaps leading the cybersecurity firm hired by NAM to recognize the culprit behind the cyber attacks.

What caused this to happen?

As per the current situation, it’s clear that there are some disturbances in the trade scenario between U.S. and China. Therefore, it might be safe to say that this cyber attack could be a result of an ongoing trade-war between the two nations.

“The attackers reportedly ramped up their alleged cyber espionage activity around the time Trump met with NAM President Jay Timmons, and shortly before U.S. and Chinese officials were to commence negotiations on a deal with the two nations, which have been engaged in a trade war.”, SC Magazine reported in an article.

Whether or not the attack was directed towards NAM, it’s clear that China has made consistent attempts to steal confidential information from the United States to achieve an edge over the U.S. during business negotiations.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang denies the accusations.