Phishing Related to COVID-19 has Shown Resurgence in Government Backed Hacking

Phishing attempts during the pandemic has become an everyday habit for cyber criminals. Almost everyday, hundreds and thousands of phishing related scams are being reported around the world.
Tech giant Google (GOOG), has made sincere efforts to send approximately 1,755 phishing related warnings to accounts that were vulnerable to being hacked, last month.
Google’s genius Threat Analysis Group (TAG), has recently identified possible phishing activities from hacking firms operating from India. These hack companies have been found to create fake email notifications with malicious attachments, creating panic and collecting information from the public impersonating the World Health Organization (WHO).
Reuters, in an article has posted a blog link from these cyber attacking firms stating that these firms have been targeting business groups, healthcare and consulting companies in almost 7 countries – United States, UK, India, Bahrain, Canada, Cyprus and Slovenia.
Attacks have been found to target not only government and healthcare workers, but WHO officials as well.
As we fight to stabilize the world recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the WHO and other government and medical organizations are struggling to combat the intense pressure from hackers attempting to infiltrate the systems to seek information about the COVID-19 outbreak.