Verizon Promises Resilient Network Security Solutions for Businesses

Image Source: Google Play Store
Image Source: Google Play Store

Being the number one service and internet provider in America, Verizon promises to offer some groundbreaking security solutions to businesses of all size and types.

With emerging technologies, it’s evident that all network solution companies are compelled to step up their game as the requirements for security against cyber threats sky rockets.

Let’s take a look at what Verizon offers and why it stands as the number one network provider in the country

Device and data security solutions for business:

When it comes to eliminating the cyber threats, Verizon’s solutions hold industry leading standards. Not only does it provide security for confidential company data but also for devices that go with it.

With integrated solutions, the tech giant softwares and features that help fight against spyware, phishing and cyber attacks all under one roof.

Cloud services offer a multitude of features that allows users to restore, wipe and trace the information in a situation when systems get hacked.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Solutions for Business:

To protect businesses from encountering cyberthreats, the company offers industry compliant solutions that secure data, block malware and ensure a fluid functioning of its services when under use.

Plan and Prepare:

Verizon helps consumers by providing proactive services that anticipate cyber threat before it even happens, allowing users to plan and respond in a timely manner. As not all business needs are the same, customizable solutions are a vital part of Verizon’s services.

Cloud-based services ensure the critical customer information is encrypted and secured.

Here are some key areas that might help understand how your company staff might be risking your business:

  • Social engineering
  • Employee misuse
  • Insider threat
  • Dangerous surf

It’s imperative that no matter how big or small your business is, it’s still at risk. According to reports, 38% of cyberattacks were led by company employees.

You as a business owner might be extremely careful about handling the privacy of your organization, but it’s often the employees that are responsible for compromising the company’s security.

Conclusively, Verizon’s data and network solutions have pretty promising benefits when it comes to securing your business.